Fabolous, Jagged Edge, P. Diddy – Trade It All Part 2

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Fabolous’ official music video for ‘Trade It All Part 2’. ft. P. Diddy & Jagged Edge. Click to listen to Fabolous on Spotify:

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Uh-huh, yeah
This moment they all been waiting for, playboy
We here now
We’re in the house now, for sure
Girl, I’d trade it all, money, cars and everything
All, even give up my street dream
All, anything to have you on my team
All, baby girl, I’d trade it all

I assume, I’m so into you
’cause even before we hit the bedroom I was friends with you
If they ask, I ain’t gotta say whom in them interviews
My sweet thing never believe them rumors that been true
The fact I had numerous friends, it’s true
But you was wifey could change me into a groom in a minute boo
Maybe my sense of humor gets into you
But girl, they can make a perfume from the scent of you
I wanna take you there, feel like June in December too
So what you think about Cancun till the winter through
I don’t know what the other consumers you been with you
I put a day aside to go to Bloomies and spend with you
Like any other man I will zoom to the clinic too
Now I wanna see if me and my junior’s identical
I zoom, put a moon on the skin of you
I swear to everything that same afternoon will begin to move, feel me