भारत आखिर क्या क्या खरीदता हैं | Indias Major Import Items | Imports of India From Other Countries

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भारत आखिर क्या क्या खरीदता हैं | Indias Major Import Items | Imports of India From Other Countries

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🙏Namste Dosto, My name is Fenil and Welcome to Our Youtube Channel The Graphic Earth.
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Friends, In this video I explained, Imports Of India, Do you Know india Imports almost 6000 different items from 140+ World Countries. Total import Cost of india is almost 480 Billion USD, This amount is Greater than Maharashtra’s GDP……….

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Topics that I Covered in this video,

1) imports of india from other countries
2) indias major import items
3) भारत आखिर दुनिया के देशों से क्या क्या खरीदता हैं
4) imports and exports of india
5) imports and exports business in india
6) imports of goods and services
7) major imports of india from china
8) major exports and imports of india
9) what india importing from china
10) what india import from world
11) what products india import from other countries
12) what india imports from pakistan
13) what india imports from Indonesia
14) list of items import from china to india
15) india’s foreign trade policy in hindi
16) india imports oil from which countries
17) india imports coal from
18) bharat ki aayat niryat niti
19) india me sabse jyada kya import hota hai


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