Businessman Teaches Beggar How To Start A Business | Nijo Jonson | Motivational Video

November 7, 2021 By admin 0

There are two ways to lead your life either you can stay where you are or you learn new things to grow yourself.


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Director: Pankaj Bijaraniya
Cinematography: Mohit Paliwal
Asst. Cinematography: Vivek Rajput
Story by: Nijo Jonson
Script: Piyush Sharma
AD- Aashish Pradhan, Ravi Malti Shukla, Jogeswar Baghel
Production: Sudhanshu Mishra
Editor: Jasneet Kaur
Co-Editor: Nikhil Anand
Social Media: Harshika Shandilya
Channel Manager: Vivek Rajput

Vivek Rajput | @vivekartiste
Nijo Jonson
Piyush Sharma

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