Presentations in English – How to Give a Presentation – Business English

November 6, 2021 By admin 0

In this lesson, you can learn how to make presentations in English.
Do you have to make presentations in English in your job? Imagine you have to give an important presentation in English tomorrow. How would you feel about it?
This lesson will help you learn useful phrases and techniques to introduce yourself and your topic, keep your ideas organised, deal with problems, and respond to questions from audience members.

Are you preparing for a presentation now? Practice and get feedback from a certified English teacher in a lesson:

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This lesson will help you:
– Learn how to begin the presentation by introducing yourself and the topic.
– Understand how to make a strong start to your presentation in English.
– Use signposting language throughout your presentation.
– Learn how to deal with potential problems that occur in presentations in English.

1. How to introduce yourself and your topic 0:45
2. How to make a strong start 3:51
3. Using signposting language 7:33
4. Dealing with problems 12:04

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