How to Negotiate in English – Business English Lesson

November 2, 2021 By admin 0

In this lesson, you can learn useful language to negotiate in business situations. Do you have any tips for business negotiations? Be sure to share them in the comments!
You’ll learn how to make your position clear, how to accept or reject the other side’s proposals, and how to express yourself in clear, professional-sounding English.
In this lesson, you’ll see a scenario where we’ll role-play a negotiation between a clothing wholesaler and a manufacturer’s representative.

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1. Establishing Your Position 1:16
2. Setting Conditions 5:43
3. Disagreements and Setting Boundaries 9:16
4. Reaching an Agreement 12:38
5. Summarising and Restating 15:23

This lesson can help you:
– Understand the basics of negotiations in English.
– Learn useful phrases to set your position when you negotiate in English.
– Get useful phrases to set specific conditions for your negotiations in English.
– See how you can deal with possible disagreements in a business negotiation.
– Understand how to set boundaries during your negotiation in English.
– Get helpful phrases and vocabulary to reach an agreement in your business negotiation.
– See how you can summarise your decisions from the negotiation and restate the agreement you made when you negotiate in English.

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