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Today Cilla and Maddy are doing another fidget challenge, but this time the game is called trade or dare. This game was very intense because Cilla and Maddy had to do a lot of dares. How this game works is that when one of the girls wants to trade a fidget the other girl can’t decline the offer. If one of the girls declines the offer, they must pick a dare from the dare of doom. Starting off with the first round Maddy laid a not-so-satisfying fidget on the trading board, which in turn Cilla put the broken pop tube and a mochi. Maddy didn’t like the trade and she was the first one to have to pick from the bowl of dares. The first dare Maddy had to call her sister’s boyfriend and had to tell him something funny. She was so embarrassed that her cheeks turned red. In this trade or dare challenge, there were a lot of dares that had been done because they both were not satisfied with the fidget trade. If you want to have a good laugh, you must watch this video until the end. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we loved filming it.
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