Migos – Handle My Business (Official Audio)

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[Intro: Offset]
Fuck nigga done forgot about this shit, y’all niggas, you know, we can see y’all fly, y’all niggas hatin’, yeah it ain’t no
secret (hey)

[Chorus: Offset]
Handle my business, I’m grown (whoo)
I’m tryna’ make me a B ‘fore I’m gone (billion)
There’s drugs in my chromosomes (there’s drugs)
Yeah we thugs, don’t know right from wrong (thugs)
(You know we don’t know no better, know what I’m sayin’)
(Somebody gotta’ teach us something, whoo, whoo, whoo)
Boarding a jet with a bad bitch that’s wet (jet)
Breaking her back, and I gave her a check (check)
Bottega flex, I got Marni on deck (Bottega)
Dolce Gabbana, lil’ mama, oh yes (Dolce & Gabbana)
(Spend a little check, you know, a little sum’n sum’n, not too crazy)
(Whoo, whoo, whoo)
We brought it back, like the 80’s with crack
Nobody frontin’, we taking ya pack (take that)
We changed the game nigga, keep it a stack (gang)
Not taking chains, if you play you get whacked (whacked)
All facts, no cap (no cap)
We makin’ millions, we known for that (yessir)
Hate on my gang, we too grown for that
I keep the fire, not alone, or lacking (Offset)
[Verse: Offset]
Nigga ain’t stoppin’ this shit, I been poppin’ my shit (pop, pop)
Holding your leg, cause I’m holding my bitch (hold on)
Holding my blick, I don’t trust nobody (nobody)
They playin’ dirty, they know that I’m it (dirty)
Suck on my dick, bitch you know how to spit (spit)
Hang with no cliques, I don’t know who would switch (nah)
Countin’ these racks, I done sprained my wrist (racks)
I taught you boys how to maintain your bitch (hey)
We came from nothing, I thought they forgot
Running from 12 with a zip in my crotch (12)
Go hit the lot
Pink’s in my chain, yeah pinks in my watch (pinks)
Balenci’ frames, vintage supply (vintage)
Taught em’ the way, they copied my fly (copied)
Go to my page, I know that you spy (spying)
They say they ain’t hating, I know that’s a lie (cap)
Spinnin’, we put a lil bitch in the sky (spin)
Winning, my blessings, they come from the sky (whoo)
I took a pic with a fan, she was shy (shy)
Way that she lookin’, she couldn’t believe her eyes (whoo)
Know I was chosen, I know I’m that guy (guy)
We took it global, and ain’t no denying (global)
I’m staying focused, and saving my knot (focused)
Ready to slide, if there’s some beef, then my gang gon’ fry it (ah)

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Quavo]
Holdin’ the fire, yeah (yeah)
Fishtail turnin’ out the trap (skrrt)
Servin’ em’ for the high (serve)
Kickin’ Za’ bags with a stamp (kick it)
In the bando, one Lamb’ (whip it)
Still tryna’ whip it til’ it bounce
Just a lil’ young nigga gettin’ off ounces (yeah)
Now that I’m up, we can get off the mountains
I need help to count it (go)
Call my accountant, this 400 racks, we just made that lil’ shit outta town (4 packs)
Back to back ‘Clarens and back to back Rolls
We had to go get this shit out the ground (go get it)
Back to back tactical shit we done showed (bah, activate tactical mode)
How many times I’ma tell you these niggas some hoes when they get exposed? (yeah)
Handle my business, I’m grown, I had to go snatch a niggas soul, yeah (snatch)
Wipe a nigga nose, washing his blood out my clothes, yeah (go)
Shoot out the drop top, make a nigga block hot, still gotta’ right them wrongs, yeah (brrr, brrr)
Don’t touch my phone, nigga I’m grown, I talk on my own, you know that I (uh)…

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Takeoff]
I keep the fire in the pocket of the jacket
They know I ain’t gon’ show it, but they know I’m packin’ (brr)
Stop all that talking, we know that you acting (stop)
We having motion, and causing a havoc
I heard she left with a bag, that’s tragic
I can’t blame the bitch, I’m blaming her pappy (pappy)
Look at my ice bitch, I’m not your average (ice)
Look at my life bitch, I’m living lavish
We pick up that stick, you know we gon’ blast it
Went on a mission, he knew he was crashing (crash)
Them red, blue, and whites, harass em’ (12)
I’m screaming fuck 12 like it’s cancer (fuck ‘em)
Took the game and hold it for ransom (hold it)
Until they give me my answers (gimme mine)
On why niggas ain’t winning Grammy’s (why?)
And gettin’ the check, we demand it (why?)

[Chorus: Offset & Takeoff]

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