How To Start A 7-Figure Coffee Business

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Find out how you can start a successful coffee shop from an industry expert!

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Do you dream of starting a coffee shop business, but don’t know where to start? In this interview, latte art guru David Schomer shares how he launched a coffee business that can thrive even in the crowded Settle coffee market.

David is the founder of Espresso Vivace, which he started in 1988 as a single coffee cart. From these humble beginnings, David’s coffee shop business has grown to three locations and a roasting operation, with a reputation for serving some of the tastiest espresso in the Seattle area.

Today, we’ll find out how to start a coffee shop business with that kind of growth potential. From the must-have equipment to finding an ideal location (and how much all of that costs), we’ll dig into the details of opening a coffee shop.

David Schomer isn’t just a coffee shop owner. He’s also a coffee expert, credited with introducing latte art to the United States, and has written guides on espresso preparation and latte art that are used by baristas across the country. We’ll ask David how this expertise shaped the growth of Espresso Vivace, and get his expert tips on training baristas to provide, not just delicious drinks, but an exceptional customer experience.

Anyone who wants to open a coffee shop with staying power can learn a lot from Espresso Vivace’s story. You can find out more about their business (or order some of their beans for yourself) at

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0:00 Intro
1:57 Meeting David
3:00 David’s Background
4:43 Initial Budget
5:41 Advertising
6:54 Biggest Expense
7:48 How To Roast Coffee Tutorial Part 1
9:43 Profit Margins & Revenue
10:46 Shop Signs
11:51 How To Roast Coffee Tutorial Part 2
13:15 How David Got Started
15:08 Is Business Seasonal
15:59 Biggest Mistake David Made
17:30 Coffee Shop Must-Have Equipment
19:42 Social Media Use
21:23 Starting a Coffee Shop vs. a Coffee Cart
22:19 Where To Buy Coffee Beans
23:42 Employees
25:58 How Supply Chains Affect The Coffee Industry
27:32 Coffee Shop Location
28:26 What Makes Espresso Vivace Stand Out
30:14 Blitz
31:49 Location Challenges
33:21 Next For Espresso Vivace
35:02 Advice For Chain Supply
35:36 How Much Experience You Need
38:20 Business Challenges

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