Fastest Import/Export DLC Vehicles (Tempesta & Penetrator) – Best Fully Upgraded Cars In GTA Online

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Fastest Import/Export DLC Vehicles (Tempesta & Penetrator) in GTA 5, showing a countdown of fully upgraded vehicles ranked on lap time.
More info can be found in the entire video description, but also check out the series’ intro video here:


How do cars in GTA Online change when they’re fully upgraded? Does upgrading some cars improve their relative performance more than others? And just which cars can you use when they’re fully modded to help you win races in GTA Online? This series aims to answer all of those questions, as every single car in GTA Online is taken around a proper racing track to find a definitive list of the best fully upgraded cars based on racing performance.

If you’re interested in drag racing, this is not the place for you. If you’re interested in top speed tests, this is not the place for you. If you’re interested in knowing which fully modded cars you can use in custom races, around tracks that actually present some corners and take some skill to navigate, to help you win or at least compete, this is the place for you. Or if you’re simply interested in knowing how all the cars in every vehicle class in the game perform relative to each other once fully upgraded you’ll get a lot from watching this series.

The full explanation of what you’re seeing with this series can be found in the intro video here: but to put it simply it’s the Top Gear test track lap time leaderboard meets GTA Online, with the Stig being replaced by myself. This is a follow up to the highly successful fastest vehicles series of videos where every car is tested in its stock form in a similar way:

If you do find the series helpful, entertaining, or want to be kept up to date on any car performance changes as GTA Online develops please do subscribe, like, comment and share. Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you on a future video soon đŸ™‚


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GTA 5 Online Next/New Gen Fully Upgraded Car Testing Guide, Countdown & Ranking With Lap Times

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