BDO Trading: Container Trading for Artisan 2/Master 2 Trading (Velia/Heidel)

November 14, 2021 By admin 0

EDIT: Kakao/Pearl Abyss has lowered the Trading Rank requirement for the Desert Buff from the SHARING node. It can now be acquired from Artisan 2+, which cuts down the time to grind up trading ranks (Master 2 is still better for profit crates)

A little change of the usual BDO-related videos. I recently finally got myself to Master 2 after a good week of grinding for a few hours each day, and this was the method I used.

You’ll need a good chunk of free CP to invest in storage in both Heidel and Velia to have enough free spots available in your storage, or you can pay for the storage increases through the Pearl Shop.

You will need 100-110 spaces in both Heidel and Velia to complete this, but it gives twice the amount of Trade EXP than traditionally Rolling does due to the 500 meter exp-reduction.

The cycle takes around 20 minutes to complete, and you can change channels once you’re finished.

You will need atleast 19CP at the minimum for the Residences/Nodes to be connected (Lynch Ranch/Toscani Farm), and a single container. You will be placing and picking the container up. If you have spare CP, you can get two containers and save the time of having to place/pickup the container.

The container method boils down to filling Velia/Heidel up with all the trade goods you can from the trade manager, and then selling the trade goods at Lynch Ranch/Toscani Farm. In the Artisan levels of trading, I was getting around 20 percent exp with only the +2 Trade Clothes, Healthy Sute Tea and Elixir of Flowing Time.

I personally only did this Method up to Master 1, used trash crates to get to 33 percent into Master 1 and then did active trading with an Elephant with Sprint+QuickRide+QuickStart to finally hit Master two an hour or so after getting Master 1.

Hopefully this helps some of you newer players or older players who have not gotten Master 2 yet grind towards Master 2 Trading.