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A hearty welcome to my Youtube channel ladies & gentlemen. I am Kiran Biligiri – an award-winning restauranteur who’s been in the food industry for over the past few decades, running restaurants, catering businesses, cloud kitchens, & food trucks. On this channel, I’m going to be sharing everything I’ve learned about the food business over the years in a digestible format. This includes tips, tricks, systems, & methods to help you take those tiny steps in kickstarting your own Restaurant, Cloud Kitchen, Food Truck, Banquets, & more. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring 1000s of aspiring food entrepreneurs, & I’m glad to say that 100s of them have already started their food business & are running them successfully. You don’t need a degree in hotel management, experience in the food industry, & a lot of investment to kickstart your journey in the food industry. Passion + willingness to learn + a good intention to serve + courage to take action, are the key ingredients to make it big in the food industry. The videos in this channel will give you complete clarity & confidence to start your food business & grow it profitably. Smash the subscribe button & ring the bell icon to let you help me take those first baby steps in getting started on this incredible journey. God bless, stay safe, & happy eating.

Kiran Biligiri is the CEO & founder of Biligiri Hotels & The Next Level Trainings & Workshops. His hospitality ventures have received many awards and recognition from reputed entities like the Association of Catering professionals, Times of India, Diners International, the Department of Tourism, and others.

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