Calculate Landed Cost Excel Template for Import Export, inc. freight, customs, duty and taxes.

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Download Landed Cost Excel template calculator to help you work out the landed cost per item:

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When you contact overseas suppliers they will send you a quotation or Proforma Invoice for their products. Before you place a new order, you must clearly understand the Landed Cost or Landed Price of the products by the time they are delivered through to your door.

The Exporter’s quote or invoice will usually be Ex-Works (EXW), Free-on-Board (FOB), Cost and Freight (CFR/CIF), which means that there will be extra charges that the consignee (importer) will have to pay. This is common in ecommerce, seafreight and airfreight shipping.

Read the below to understand how to calculate the Landed Cost of your goods:
– Receive a detailed product Quotation from your supplier, that includes IncoTerm, Pricing, Currency, Product sizes and weights
– Meet with a freight forwarder to get a detailed quote for all shipping and other associated costs
– Confirm the International Seafreight costs from Port of Loading to – Port of Discharge (usually in USD)
– Understand the total of all of the local port handling charges, customs clearance, import documentation, trucking delivery charges etc
– Find the product’s HS Code and confirm the applicable import duty (%) for each product to be imported
– Confirm the applicable import taxes (%) that are charged in the country of import
– Find a currency exchange agent and understand your actual currency exchange rates and costs
– Convert all product costs, seafreight, customs clearance, local handling costs etc into your local currency
– Add all seafreight and local handling costs to the product costs. You can split up the costs over the total cubic size (m3) or weight, whatever is greater
– Apply the import duty rate to your products to get your Landed Cost Ex Tax. Then add the import taxes to your final Landed Cost

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