Accepting Every Trade In ADOPT ME! Why tho?…(Roblox Adopt Me)

November 11, 2021 By admin 0

I decided to take on another Adopt Me DARE! The dare was for me to do another trade challenge in Adopt Me accepting any everything! This time, we will have to accept all trades for the new premium boxes that cost robux! The only rule is that they have to accept first so I know that it’s their final offer! #adoptmetrades #adoptmechallenge #adoptmefail

Hi guys! I am Pretzel Etzel and if you wan’t to join the Pretzel Family, hit that subscribe button! On my channel I do tons of Roblox roleplays, gaming tips, building tricks and update videos. The main games that I play are Unicorne City, Bloxburg, Adopt Me, Meep City and Royale High!

If you are new to the gaming world of Roblox, I can tell you a little about my favorite games Adopt Me, Unicorne City, Bloxburg, Meep City and Royale High…

Adopt Me- A game where you adopt pets and can raise your own family!
Unicorne CIty- A game (mine) where you can live life as a Unicorn.
Bloxburg- A life and building simulation game where you can make your own builds and work at a pizza place for money.
Meep City- A game where you can raise and pet Meep while decorating your own house estate.
Royale High- A princess simulator game that lets you collect diamonds and win halos!