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There come numerous times when people who want to start a business or have an interest in startups are left blank when it comes to starting them up. Startup stories, business ideas and guides on how to start a business sound good in texts but become difficult when you want to actually know how to start a business.

We Indians are all fond of ‘Jugaad’ but have you ever heard of using it for starting a company. This is one such story of friends who kick-started their entrepreneurial journey with just Rs. 1400. Damini Mahajan, co-founder of, shares her journey in this Josh Talk. She tells us how they thought of the idea and wanted to invite Shashi Tharoor for kick-starting their business venture. However, things didn’t go as planned and they had to use ‘Jugaad’ for every little thing.

Damini is a visionary entrepreneur, best known for co-founding, a worldwide scholarship search engine. Her story is an inspiration for budding startups, people looking for business ideas be it small business ideas or knowing how to run a business. This entrepreneur and her story will teach you how to be your own boss and how to start a business.

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