The Business Model Puzzle: How brands thrive beyond crisis | Lindsay Angelo | TEDxUConn

November 2, 2021 By admin 0

Business models — why some brands succeed and others fail. But what’s the secret to a successful business model? Contrary to popular belief, it transcends profit. In fact, it must. As we enter a new era being shaped by a global pandemic, business and consumerism confront a higher calling. Business powers our lives but its superpowers are grossly underutilized. It’s time we reframed – beyond profit and beyond even purpose-driven business models. Join Growth Strategist, Impact Speaker and MBA, Lindsay Angelo, in a thought-provoking, head-meets-heart journey that demystifies how brands grow in a pandemic and beyond.

Named a global innovation leader and Woman to Watch, you can find Lindsay Angelo at the intersection of brand strategy and storytelling. It’s here she consults with brands to drive growth while delivering ground-breaking insights on the future of consumerism and social impact growth models. A born entrepreneur, Lindsay is the creator of a signature blueprint for driving brand growth and impact. Prior to launching her own consulting practice, she spent six years at lululemon crafting their global strategy and growing the company into the biggest yoga wear brand in the world. Lindsay now advises global brands & businesses, early stage companies and private equity funds, including lululemon, the LEGO Group, WeWork and Norwest Ventures; she is a contributor to media and research houses including the National Post and the World Business Research organization. Lindsay’s experiences culminate at her sweet spot – where the rational meets the emotive, where facts meet insights and where logic meets creativity.
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