Data Science 🐍 Import / Export

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Online Course:

Python has functions for reading, creating, and deleting files. The high-level steps for many data science applications is to import data, analyze data, and export results.

A basic function for working with files is open(filename,mode). The filename is a string that identifies the file to open and mode is how the file should be opened as ‘r’ for read, ‘a’ for append, ‘w’ for write, and ‘x’ for create (returns error if file exists). You can also specify if the file should be handled as a text ‘t’ or binary ‘b’ file. The defaults is ‘rt’ to read a file in text mode.

Course Modules

1. Data Science 🐍 Course Overview
2. Data Science 🐍 Import / Export
3. Data Science 🐍 Analyze
4. Data Science 🐍 Visualize
5. Data Science 🐍 Prepare Data
6. Data Science 🐍 Regression
7. Data Science 🐍 Features
8. Data Science 🐍 Classification
9. Data Science 🐍 Interpolation
10. Data Science 🐍 Solve Equations
11. Data Science 🐍 Differential Equations
12. Data Science 🐍 Time Series

Data Science 🐍 Final Project

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