How to start import export business in Pakistan Complete course in urdu

November 1, 2021 By admin 0

Welcome to Export Business series of Digital Ustad, If you are going to start a business of import export then this course is for you. I have experience of 11 years in export business and will share all the experience with you that How to start import export business in Pakistan from start to end but if you are already doing business of import and export then still this course will help you allot to learn new techniques that people are not using that techniques in their business so far There are two models of export business, 1. export + manufacturing and second is commercial export. Export = manufacturing is an expensive model of business because you will have to produce your products by your self and for that you must need a factory which is an expensive thing whereas for a commercial exporter a factory is not required because a commercial exporter does not produce products by himself but he get his products manufactured by other makers or manufacturers. In this way he never need to spend a huge amount of money to step a factory for the production of his products for his export business in Pakistan. A commercial exporter gets orders from his customers, get those items made by other makers according to received requirements from his customer. Pack them well and dispatch that to his customer as shipment. Pays product cost to maker and remaining he keeps in his pocket as his profit.

But in import export business, product is the core. Being an exporter you must choose a product that only sell well but also it should easy to outsource that product. That means there should be enough producer of that product in market who can produce that produce for you.

Secondly, there should be a demand of the product that you are selling in international marketing. I use a specific tool to check demand of a product in international market which will share with you this particular import export business course.

Its also important to register your export business, what documents do you need to register your exporter that’s what we will discuss this import export course.

A business website is a main face of your business that could present your import export company in a professional way. How to make a business professional website, we will also discuss that in this particular course.

After making a professional website for your business next question would be how to find customers for export business. I will share my experience that how i find customers and how contact them, what marketing channels do i use. That i will tell you in this course. The methods that i will share with you, includes how to find new companies, how to find new customers for your business, how to find emails of ceo. How to find emails and phone number purchasing managers.

Correspondence is a thing that could make or break your import export business. How to write a nice marketing email for your import export, all the techniques involved in writing a perfect marketing letters and emails are also included.

After you receive orders, how production process should follow. Videos are included for that as well.

This sort of import export business very suitable for new comers, as they do not have that much money to start their new business.

There are many other topics that i will cover in this course few of them are as under.
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