How to start a business – 7 – BEST Business Ideas telugu

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Best business ideas
How to start a business that will get customers and leads consistently
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00:00 – Introduction to Business Ideas
00:15 – Why you should not follow business ideas from Experts and content creators?
00:19 – How to come up with great business ideas effortlessly?
00:24 – How to get support for your new business from industry experts?
01:29 – What’s wrong with most business ideas from experts?
01:54 – Most common ideas
02:50 – Precautions to take before you start a business
05:14 – How to come up with profitable and safe business ideas easily?
06:05 – What kind of network do you have? What does your friends do ?
06:15 – Laundry Business started by doctor for hospitals with industrial grade washing machines
08:46 – Electricals business collaboration with real estate builder
12:01 – How to leverage your friend / relative’s network to go big
13:20 – Try to answer these 4 Questions
14:42 – How to benefit from a Priest’s Clientele
16:06 – How can home makers start a business by serving their friends
17:23 – Which business can you start with a network of Government Office employees
19:15 – Which business can you start with a network of teachers?
20:18 – Power of Network – everyone has a great connections
21:52 – How to get support from established business men?