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October 30, 2021 By admin 0

Cigarette Wate Recycling Business. Today’s need to save the environment is the utmost important factor that needs to be looked after because our life totally depends on the environment that we live in. Looking after such a situation, the recycling business in India is getting a mainstream business.


With our mind, though, and will, we can make gold out of the trash as well. Currently, V bin (valuable bin) is being used in small and big shops vigorously to collect the cigarette residual. Whether you smoke or not, but we all use these cigarette residuals in our daily lives like the pillow you sleep on, teddy bears, chairs, mattresses, etc. All this is manufactured with the help of recycled cigarette buds.

Do you know, that a small cigarette bud takes approximately 10 years to decompose? The upper cover of the paper, but the buds are made of cellulose acetate (Polymer or fiber). One kg cigarette waste consists of approximately 30,000 cigarette buds, and in India, every year approximately 3 crore tons of cigarette waste is being generated. Think about it, decomposing so much cigarette waste was such a big problem when a Delhi-based Naman Gupta found a way to recycle the cigarette bud waste.

Look how Mr. Naman moved forward to make India a better place and is continuously working towards making the environment clean by providing employment to a lot of people.

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