Import Export License

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Import Export License

In this video I am going to explain everything you need to know about applying for an import and export licence and show you how easy we have made it.

To simplify the application, we have combined the import and export licence into one application. We have found that most of our clients prefer to apply for both import and export licences at the same time as the procedures are identical. Even if you are currently planning to only export or alternatively only import, we recommend applying for both licences as one never knows what is around the next corner and you may need to change your business strategy in the future. The license is enduring as it doesn’t expire and will belong to you or your company indefinitely. There are also no annual renewal fees or reviews, so once you have the license it is yours permanently.

According to the latest regulations you must have an import export licence (also known as a customs code) to import or export cargo which is worth more than R50,000 or if you have made more than 3 imports or exports in a calendar year. This customs code is also called the CNN number and it is this code that you have to present to Customs in order to clear your goods.

You can apply for an import export licence in your personal name or in the name of a company. I personally would recommend that you apply for the customs code in a company name as it has all the benefits of limited liability as well as the tax advantage of conducting business in a company name. If you want to know more about this topic, please watch my video on the benefits of registering a company (Here)

Your customs code will allow you to:
1. Import or Export any type of goods (unless of course they are prohibited).
2. It also allows you to trade with any country in the world
3. Plus, there is no limits on the quantity of goods.

If you are exporting goods to Europe or Southern Africa (SADC), we would recommend that you also register for a EUR1 or SADC certificates so that you can benefit from the import duty tax reductions and exemptions. You can apply for these registrations at the same time as your ImportExport license.

So how do you register? Log on to our site and select ImportExport License. This will take you to the page where you can select which services you would like to register for. Click the button for email and we will send you the one page application form. Once you have paid the registration fees, we will send you the necessary documents for completion which can then be emailed back us and we will do the rest.

The entire process should take approximately 10 working days from when we get all of the documentation. Once the registration is complete your customs code will be emailed to you and the original document posted to the postal address.

I hope you have enjoyed this video, so as always remember WE ARE HER TO HELP

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