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Learn how to start your Import Export Business. Learn export import through our practical training session. Our mission is to build your dream of entrepreneurship.
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Here are 51 points video in Hindi by Eximguru Jayprakash Somani,
Advocate, Supreme Court of India & EXIM Speaker

List of 51 points,
1. India’s number at Global Level in Exports & in Import.
2. Past History & Current Position of India’s Exports.
3. Effects of Export & Import on our Country & on ourselves.
4. Qualification & other condition required to start Export Import Business
5. Who can do Export Import Business?
6. Steps required in Export & Import Business.
7. Is Import Export license expensive? How much basic cost required for basic set up?
8. The risks involved in Import Export Business.
9. How can we reduce / eliminate these risks?
10. Is big office required to start EXIM Business? Or can we start Export Import business from Home?
11. Can we manage Import & Export in Zero or Less capital?
12. Scope in Agriculture & Food Products Exports.
13. Scope in Textile Products Exports.
14. Scope in Pharmacy Products Exports.
15. Scope in Software & IT Products Exports.
16. Scope in Engineering Products Exports.
17. Scope in Marine Products Exports.
18. Scope in Handloom & Handicraft Products Exports.
19. Scope in Gems & Jewelry Products Exports.
20. Scope in other Products Exports.
21. Scope in Legal Services Exports.
22. Scope in Book Keeping & Accounting Services Exports.
23. Scope in Management Services Exports.
24. Scope in Architectural Services Exports.
25. Scope in Human Recourse Services Exports.
26. Scope in Research & Development Services Exports.
27. Scope in Medical Services Exports.
28. Scope in Cleaning Services Exports.
29. Scope in Advertising Services Exports.
30. Scope in Consultancy Services Exports.
31. Scope in Event Management Services Exports.
32. Scope in Shooting & Photography Services Exports.
33. Scope in Educational Services Exports.
34. Scope in Traveling Services Exports.
35. Scope in IT Support Services Exports.
36. Scope in Other Services Exports.
37. Departments of the Government which are involved & giving supports in Foreign Trade & How they are helping to the Exporters & Importers ?
38. Can we promote our product or services easily in Abroad?
39. Can we find good buyers or suppliers in abroad easily?
40. Can we find out credibility of abroad person?
41. Can we take advance payments when we are new?
42. Can we give credit safely to abroad firm?
43. Can we get incentives and benefits from the government after exports? & How Much?
44. Are there any incentives / benefits for Importers also?
45. Can we get 100% practical Training in the Import Export business in a short period and in reasonable amount?
46. Is this training online or off line? Is it interactive?
47. Can we get future support after practical training?
48. Can we get full practical tips for successful marketing?
49. Can we get detailed procedure in Exports & Imports with secrete knowledge if any?
50. Where can we get detailed full information about this Training Program & its registration process?
51. Can we see some remarks & reviews of the past participants who attended these Training Program?